Blog Post: Cameron Diaz Softbank Commercials (2006 – 2007)

Here is another popular commercial series of a Hollywood celebrity promoting a Softbank Cellphone.

I thought it would be nice to create a “Cameron Diaz Softbank” compilation. (I think there are more commercials but these are the best ones I could find in high definition)

*Cameron Diaz looks adorable and fun in all her Softbank Commercials. It looked like it would’ve been fun to create this campaign

Please enjoy.

Cameron Diaz is glamorized in gold and black attire to promote Softbank’s Premium Texture cellphones.

These Softbank Commercials was created to promote their Pantone Slide Cellphone series. It is very colorful and flirty. 

Found a commercial showcasing Premium Waterproof Cellphones. 

Cameron Diaz is too busy on her Premium – OneSeg cellphone to be swept off her foot by a gentlemen.

“Time to Celebrate, C’Mon” with Softbank Cameron Diaz.

This one is my favorite. I like how she “accidently” sits on a white, bench park and it creates 2 white stripes on her behind. Then Softbank’s company name appears beside to showcase their company logo. 


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