Shortfilm Project – Kismet・短編映画プロジェクトKismet


Brief Summary: A group of friends got together to produce a short film for a film festival in Berlin. Although unfortunately our video was not selected to premiere at the festival, we were able to produce a short film around Tokyo.


Two Japanese neighbors  are attracted to each other, but are unable to convey this attraction.  Their interactions involve nervous body language and awkward conversation. Every weekday, they are shown getting ready in the morning with confidence, but when they are in each other’s presence they become flustered.

Kazuya (the Japanese man) looks forward every morning to meeting  Youki (the Japanese woman) at the elevators, hoping that one day he will have the courage to ask her out on a date.  This scenario is intended to show how typically reserved the Japanese dating scene is in Tokyo.

To show each character’s strong, yet unspoken attraction for  one another, the characters  have several very close encounters in many different places in Tokyo, but still do not realize their mutual attraction until the very end when fate  finally gives them a chance together.

Kismet Defination: Fate, Destiny


Director, Writer and Producer – Youki Arima Harada
Japanese Actor – Kazuya Tabane
Japanese Actress – Youki Arima Harada
Video Editor – Caesar Rodriguez
Camera Operator –  Caesar Rodriguez
Stills Photography – Darryl Ladrillono

Film Location: Roppongi, Tokyo Japan (September 7th 2011)

Music – Lost Love & Sweet Deposition (Temper Trap)
Special Thanks to – Shaun Sundberg

Click Here to View Video











ビデオ編集: Caesar Rodriguez
カメラオペレーター: Caesar Rodriguez
写真: Darryl Ladrillono

撮影場所:六本木 (2011年9月7日)

音楽:Lost Love & Sweet Deposition (Temper Trap)
協力:Shaun Sundberg


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