Social Media Case Studies・ソーシャルメディア ケーススタディ

I presented 2011 Social Media campaigns to my global team on a weekly basis.


Here are some of my favourite campaigns ・ 特に気に入っているキャンペーン:

Decoded Jay-Z with Bing

Jay-Z’s biography, “Decoded” campaign won integrated Grand Prix and Titanium awards at 2010 Cannes.
In cooperation with Bing search engine, the campaign enhanced brand awareness for both Jay-Z’s “Decoded” book release and to leverage BING search usage from their Google, Yahoo and MSN competitors.



Obama Political Elections・オバマ大統領 選挙運動

The Real Cost of Social Mediaソーシャルメディアの真のコスト

Old Spice – Case Study・デオドラント Old Spiceのケーススタディ

Ikea “Tag It” – Case Study IKEA “Tag-It” (タグ付けして)ケーススタディ


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